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Before I go any further in this post (or this series), I want to let y’all know that we are living in on base housing. This house is huge, and I don’t want to give the wrong impression. We definitely wouldn’t be living in anything like this if our situation wasn’t like it is. Further, because we’re on base housing, we do not own this home; we are still technically renters. I know I certainly don’t care (because we are going to be living in a really nice place), but I wanted full transparency here with y’all because it’s important, as I said, that I don’t give the wrong impression! 

our home : 001 | kory woodard

I am so excited to finally be sharing details of our new home with y’all! I wanted to wait until we got everything finalized, which D did on Saturday. (YAY!) As I mentioned on Monday, we now have a specific home and our address. It’s been so funny to check it out on Google Maps with D and look at our floor plan and just plan away what we wanted to have in the new place.

So the really cool thing is that D and I had planned on moving into a townhouse after we were both done with school and done with the last apartment. We wanted more space and more privacy, and that’s actually what this place is! It has one shared side with neighbors, which is not totally ideal, but it could be much worse! I’m really excited to have more room, though, because the apartment we were in was really cramped (though it was a great first place).

For the first two posts in this series I wanted to share the floor plan and some of the inspiration I’ve had for decorating and furniture! So now that you’ve seen the bottom floor plan, let’s look at some inspiration shall we!

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launch | amber nicole photography

amber nicole photography | branding by kory woodard

In October business really started to pick up. I was doing a lot of the same work, and then suddenly I had a full inbox of people who were wanting me to just do some branding work for them. I think those branding people started after I had been chatting with Amber over on Facebook about working on her branding. She knew she needed something professional to give her a step up, and she was ready to invest in just that. Well, two months after those initial chats – here we are!

Her branding came from this moodboard, which it seemed like everyone just looved, and I did too! It’s been a while since I worked with someone on just branding, but it was such a blast. It’s funny – when I was working on her logos I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a photographer. So those two things combined just made for a really fun project!

amber nicole process | logos by kory woodard

I’ve been covered up with so much work it’s been hard to decide what to share over here, so I never got around to sharing her process post, but here are a few of the logos I presented her. I really loved the top right one, but I think her final logo fits her work better.

When we started together she mentioned that she might want to try some gold foil, but after creating the moodboard gold and those colors just weren’t working. So – I immediately thought, “ROSE GOLD!“, and I love how it works with her color scheme. I think it’s a neat added element for her branding.

Oh, and what’s better than a client actually writing a post about your work together? When I sent her my follow up email, she mentioned that she was planning on writing a post. She sent it to me earlier this week, and it made my day! I love getting to work with such amazing women, but it’s really the icing on the cake when they are so happy with how their project turned out.

P.s. The first and third photo under inspiration up there are her actual photos!

P.s.s (Or is it p.p.s… who knows!!) If your interested in getting a refreshed look for your business or blog for 2015, I’m currently booking for January and February! It’s time you invested in yourself, friend! Let’s chat about what you need. 

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life lately | with kory woodard

Goodness – if I keep up this series next year, I’m going to have to start sharing these posts more often! It feels like so much happens in a month, and this past one has been no exception! If you follow me around the web, I’ll skip the part of this post where I would talk about how much I’ve been working, though I have been, and I lot. I’ve got tons of new work to share with y’all! Okay, so the rest of life:

+ D officially signed out lease this weekend. We have an address, and we have an awesome new home to look forward to (less than three weeks now!). I’m going to be sharing a little bit about it Wednesday, so I won’t go into too much detail now, but that’s been our really big exciting news on that front.

+ Speaking of the house, we are narrowing in on the styles and furniture that we are going to be getting. I’m so happy because our tastes are working perfectly together. (Either that or D is just letting me have my way… ha!) I think we’re going to have a nice mix of modern yet classic look, and we’ve definitely decided to move slowly on buying, which is much more cost effective!

+ I’m so excited for registration to open to everyone for Brand Catalyst next week. I can’t believe it’s already almost here. Keep an eye on the blog because I’ll be sharing an official post about it next week. If you’ve been thinking your ready for a change and to take things to the next level, this course is going to be for you.

+ I’ve started working on redesigning this here blog! I think it was around spring the last time I changed the design, and I’m really ready for something new for next year. I’m trying to decide if I want to simplify my logo with the new design, and quite frankly, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m hoping to launch the new design in January, but y’all designers know how that is!

+ I opened the annual reader survey last week (go take it here if you haven’t already). I’ve peeked at the responses, and they’ve really had me thinking about where I want to take the blog next year. I think I know where I want it to go, but I really want to let that settle and see how I feel about it come January.

Well, I guess that’s a mix of personal and not-so-personal, haha! In other news I finally jumped on the House of Cards train, and I love it! I think I finished both seasons in less than a week. Other than that, show wise I’ve been hanging on every episode of the Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy. I know.. I have a wide mix of shows that I like!

Anyway, let me know what you’ve been up to lately; I want to hear!

weekend reading | 11.21.14

weekend reading | grab a cup of tea and check out these posts!

Whew! It’s FriYAY, y’all! I don’t remember where I saw that term first, but I love it, and I’m going to start using it everywhere! I’m so stoked for this weekend because I finally great another break from work. Last weekend I worked straight through with so many things to get done, so I’m really looking forward to a few days vegging out with Netflix!

Since it’s Friday, here are some posts I’m loving from this week:

These mini cookies that Chelsea made are adorable! Why is everything in mini form like a million times cuter?

I’ve been following Diana on Instagram for several months now and I love her work, so I definitely enjoyed this interview that Jessica did with her!

Paige shared some tips on taking great iPhone photos this week. Want to hear a secret? It’s been a long time since I’ve used my DSLR for photos for my blog. I pretty much always use my iPhone!

Vanessa wrote a great post about learning to say “no”. I’ve had that problem in the past, too, and probably wouldn’t be so busy with work right now if I had said no. It’s a tough thing to do as a freelancer, but it’s important to say no when you know you need to.

I’m not doing any gift guides on the blog this year, but thank goodness for Ann-Marie’s gift guide for guys! Men can be so hard to shop for! (Bonus: she’s got a fun shopping list printable in this post, too!)

That’s it for this week, y’all! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

branding is more than a logo

branding is more than just a logo

When you first get into blogging or decide to start your own business, you immediately know that you’ve got to pull together a brand along with, well, a million other things. Many blog posts and websites around the web will tell you that to fulfill your brand “requirements” you must have:

+ a logo
+ a color scheme
+ a set of fonts
+ consistent social media usernames
+ consistent logos / graphics on all social media / other social sharing sites

And on, and on, and on. I’ll be honest, if you came to me and asked what you’d need, I’d recommend the same thing all these other sites do, but I’d tell you to go one step further: consider the person behind the brand.

You see, branding isn’t just about the logo or the look you present online, it’s about the person behind the brand, your story, your WHY, the message your share to your readers or clients (or both!), and more.

When you really get to the roots of your brand, when you discover your story and start sharing it, that’s when you start seeing the success that you’re dreaming will come after you start that blog or business.

It’s not enough to write on a blog consistently. It’s not enough to post pretty pictures on Instagram. You have to craft your story, your brand’s message, your WHY, and then you have to share it. Spread it like wildfire.

Because when we get clear on our brand, the story we’re telling, and the people we’re reaching, we become contagious. And that’s what you deserve. You deserve to be contagious.

Ready to start crafting your branding from the inside and out? Registration for Brand Catalyst opens December 4th, and it’s all you need to craft your best brand while learning simple and fun design steps to translate your message into a look that can take you to the next step. Sign up here to be the first to know when registration is open.