what I wish I knew before finishing college

what I wish I knew before graduating college

It’s been far too long since my last post in The College Series, so I wanted to pick it back up this week since all my college friends are heading back to school this week ( or soon ). Last time I talked about what I wish I knew before starting college, and now today I want to talk about what I wish I knew before graduating. So! This one is for all my lady friends around the web in their last semester or year:

Friendships fade without the proper stoking, just like a fire I think one of the main things I looked forward to with college was creating those lifelong friendships they talk about in the movies, and well, real life. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good group of friends prior to moving away, but I wanted people who I ( to put it bluntly ) absolutely knew I could depend on and would be there with me for a while. While I did make one or two of those, it’s shocked me that in the three months that we’ve been away that we’ve all sort of just gone our separate ways, and things have faded. Friendships before, during, and after college take time and commitment, and if you want the friendship to withstand the distance and time, you have to keep at it.

“Growing up” is as easy or hard as you make it I remember so many people talking before we graduated about the fact that they didn’t want to “grow up” and get a real job. Some of them continued into graduate school for that reason. However, honestly: “growing up” is as easy or as hard as you make it for yourself. My second semester junior year I felt ready to go and grow up; my senior year, I felt beyond ready and confident in my next steps. Make it easier on yourself by having steps to take after you graduate ( instead of, you know, waiting for them to fall in your lap ), and growing up will be much easier than you may think. Having set steps that I knew I was going to follow after graduation has made these last three months of “growing up” not as hard as people may make it seem.

Moving home isn’t as bad as it may seem Y’all – I love my parents, but I dreaded the idea of moving home. I would absolutely have stayed where I was had D not been leaving. Unfortunately though, I knew that it was best for many reasons that I move home. Although it has been a bit of an adjustment, it isn’t as bad as it may seem. Consider this: no rent, home cooked meals ( almost ) every night, and if you’re lucky enough to freelance: you’re parents won’t care if you skip a shower day every now and then.

Wowzers, those things may seem sort of negative, but honestly, I’ve had the best three months ( minus the part of D being away ), and I can happily say I’m very much enjoying the graduate life! Life is always about how you make it for yourself, so if you’re getting ready to graduate, enjoy your last days, but don’t worry about what’s ahead!

launch | style by salli

style by salli | branding + blog design by kory woodard

Oh my goodness you guys! I’m so excited to be sharing this newest project launch with y’all! It’s definitely been one of my favorites to work on this summer, and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

You guys probably remember this moodboard from the end of July, and I know y’all remember this process post that I shared last week: well, here’s the finished project from those posts! Soo many of you were saying that you liked the bottom left logo from that process post, and I was just barely responding without giving away that she had picked that exact one!

style by salli | branding + blog design by kory woodard

Now, if you clicked through to see that moodboard and you’re thinking, “Wait a second! These colors are tooootally different!” Trust me, I know! I was really loving the colors we had picked, but ultimately Salli thought she would be better suited with a darker color scheme. At first I was bummed that we weren’t using the pretty pinks and beiges, but I think the darker scheme came out more sophisticated than the other would have.

style by salli | branding + blog design by kory woodard

For Salli’s about page I wanted to do something a little different that I hadn’t put on other designs before and that was the fun facts. I think those types of questions are always fun to read on other bloggers’ pages, and seeing that she’s a younger blogger, I had a feeling her audience would enjoy it. Also – I don’t know if you guys know this, but the About page design is now a part of both blog design packages that I offer, and I’m so happy it is because I just love adding a little extra touch to the designs I’m working on.

So without futher ado, go have a look around!

a little help from you

can I get a little help from you? ( It's just a quick survey )

Goodness, y’all. Since graduating earlier this year and spending more time focusing on the business, things have gotten wild. In a good way. I’ve launched a free offering that gets sent to subscribers every month, and I’ve got dreams and plans for paid offerings coming to y’all soon!

First and foremost, before I really get into today’s post, I wanted to share with y’all that I’ve taken my consultation offerings down from the site. I’m no longer offering them for the time being; instead, I’m now focusing on the free offering that my newsletter subscribers are getting as well as considering the future of those consultation services. I love doing them, but I want to refine them and make them the best that they can be. So, that’s what I’m going to be doing.

In more upbeat and fun news though, I’m finally really digging into my goals for the year ( that I haven’t worked on yet ), and I’m really excited about what’s to come. I obviously am still just in the planning stages, so I want to get your thoughts on what you need help with and how I can help you best!

With that said, I’m going to be running this ( very brief ) survey for the next two weeks!  It’s all about where you’re feeling stuck in your blog / business and how you’d like to receive help! Each and every one of you matter to me, so I’d love to get your feedback!

process / jules a la mode

process : jules a la mode | logos by kory woodard

Monday, whew! Here we are! Again this week I have some a few fun projects to share starting with this one. You guys probably remember this moodboard, right? Well here are the logos from that project!

As I mentioned in the moodboard post I rarely if ever work with serif fonts. Not necessarily because they aren’t my thing, but because most bloggers come to me with a different look in mind. So, it was really fun to get to play around with serifs a bit in this project. I also threw in a few different styles. I had been having so much fun playing with my brush pens that of course I just couldn’t pass up playing around with that style ( bottom right ). Unfortunately she didn’t pick that one, but I will always love how the script came out in it.

We’re on to the stages of finalizing the blog design this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to share the finished project with you all soon!

weekend reading | 08.22.14

grab a cup of tea + look at these

Okay, I know you guys get tired of me blabbing on every week about how I feel like the week went by so fast, but seriously, it’s friday, again?! Now, now, I’m not complaining! I just can’t believe the weekend is here again. I feel like this week was mixed with two things: a lot of work or a lot of “I don’t feel like it”. Looking back, I feel like the former won out ( thank goodness! ), and I’m ready for some serious R & R this weekend before getting right back into it double time next week before my long vacation.

Whew. So many words, ha!

Okay, here are some awesome posts that I found this week:

Kate shares a great post on the Freelancer’s Union blog on how to respond when a client says, “I can get it cheaper. For me, that’s a tough one to respond to, so I really enjoyed these tips!

The fab ladies at Braid Creative shared another gem of a post this week. This time it was all about what to do when you feel like nobody knows who you are.

Here’s a seriously great reminder from Tori that things don’t always go as planned ( and it’s okay ).

Alex shared Iggy Azalea’s very slow rise to fame as a reminder: every pro was an amateur once. This is a reminder I think all of us in the sort-of-just-getting-started-phase of business could stand to think about often.

Laura shared a truly thought provoking post on what you really mean when you say you’re not motivated. Definitely can relate to this!

Lastly, this post on when the best time to start a goal is from Caylee.. woweee! Definitely got my heart pumping on some things I’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off.

As usual, I want to see those posts that you’ve been reading ( or writing ) this week, so share a link or two in the comments! :)