weekend reading | 04.17.14

weekend reading | grab a cup of tea and check out these posts!

Whew! What a week! Things moved quickly around here, and I credit it to staying busy and helping launch a new website (I’ll be sharing here with y’all next week), Zoey and I have been busy learning a trick for her last puppy class on Sunday, and for once we made it through a week not asking what’s for dinner every day! I swear – that’s been our biggest struggle, but I’m thankful for that! It could be worse!

Let’s jump into the fun stuff I have for y’all to look at this weekend –

I saw Dan Price talk about slashing his CEO salary on the Today show this week, and guess why he’s doing it! To provide a minimum salary of 70k for his employees. How amazing is that? I hope CEOs around the world take a page from this guy’s book!

I’m super excited about Erin’s new series Secrets Of A Biz Owner, and I love the first post in it – it’s not always a party. Isn’t that the truth!

Allyssa shared a few simple tips on how to increase shares of your posts on Twitter. I definitely agree with adding share buttons to your posts, as that’s increased mine by a lot since installing them!

Kayla was so kind to feature my desktop wallpapers in her post about how to give back to your blog community. If you’ve been wanting to add something special to your blog for your readers, definitely check out this post!

Lauren shared how she streamlines working with clients, and now I’m thinking about trying it out myself! Though there are some great upsides to working on Basecamp, not having to worry about the extra cost would be amazing!

Bonnie shared a quick guide post on product photography, which is great for businesses selling products! However, if you’re just a blogger looking to get better photos, this would be great for you, too!

Struggling with your email list? Jenny has 10 fun things you can do with yours!

My lady friend Annie Reeves launched a new design for her blog, and it looks amazing! I love the idea of simplifying the design, and her new looks exudes what I truly believe: your design should complement your content not distract from it.

Happy weekend, y’all!

our home | 003

Man, oh, man! It’s been a while since I’ve given y’all an update on our home! I hope you don’t mind; it merely means we’ve been being intentional about what we buy, so it’s taking longer to decorate the house than I expected. We’ve been doing little things here and there, and we’ve finally got the office done! I knew when we finished it up that I had to share it with y’all, so here we are!

My Office - A Home Update | Kory Woodard

It’s so funny to me to look back at the last Home post and see that I thought  the office was already mostly done.. y’all it literally had a desk and a chair in it at that point. Since then I’ve seen just gorgeous spaces all over the web, and I kept getting more and more ideas for what I wanted to do to spruce it up.

My Office - A Home Update | Kory Woodard

These two bookshelves were the first things added (after the new iMac) earlier this year. I had brought several books from home, and I knew I wanted to fill out the space a bit more with something like these. Ideally I was looking for one that was longer, but I ended up settling with these two pieces. They weren’t super expensive, and I decided to spruce them up with some little cubby boxes. You can’t see a ton, but I’m working on a gallery wall above the bookshelves. I already have five prints up, but I don’t love the layout and I want to add more. If I do anything else to this room, adding and moving things around on that wall will probably be it!

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how to avoid losing your entire site

how to avoid losing your entire site

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a few tweets from me this past Sunday about a literal nightmare that happened to a client I worked with last summer.

I’d been just doing a quick check in on my inbox, and I noticed I had an email from a client I hadn’t worked with in a while, so I was curious as to what she was getting in touch for. Although I had no intentions on working or responding to her email, I opened it to see what was going on. I have a policy with past and current clients that if there’s an emergency, I’ll reach out immediately (within reason), and I realized as soon as I read her email that that’s what I was going to have to do.

Within just a few sentences I read it – the nightmare of any blogger or small business owner – she’d forgotten to renew her web hosting, and she’d lost her entire site. Luckily she realized soon enough that she was able to contact her web hosting and get them rolling on renewing her hosting and bringing her site back up. At the time, she had only content and no design. Super luckily for her they eventually got her full site back up and running.

In this situation, yes, your host should be have backups of your site that they can pull up. However, what if something happens to your host or what if you signed up for a hosting service that for some reason doesn’t save backups?

You’re in trouble.

Instead of risking months, even years potentially, of hard work that you’ve put into your blog or risk losing clients / customers if your business’ site goes down, why not have a plugin that’ll save you if the worse happens? There are tons of free plugins that’ll do this for your site, but I highly recommend investing in something that you know will work (you know, instead of worrying about that old saying – ‘you get what you pay for’).

If you haven’t already grabbed a backup plugin, I recommend that you go and grab BackupBuddy (BB) right now!

BB is great because you can somewhat set and forget. Once you install it on your WordPress site (yes, it’s just a WordPress plugin), you can schedule it to automatically backup your site – think database, themes, or a full backup – without having to remember to do it every week or month.

BB is also great because it’ll send your backups to third-party apps like Dropbox, send you emails if there are errors with your backup, and does a regular Malware scan on your site. The last one alone is worth investing in.

Bonus: you can write-off the cost of BB on your taxes next year!

Note: No, the BackupBuddy link is not an affiliate link! I’m not getting paid to write this post. I’m simply believe in how important it is to keep your site backed up, especially when it’s your business site or your blog – which we often put as much time into as we would a full time job.

moodboard | feminine + brushed

moodboard | feminine + brushed | by kory woodard

I’m so excited to finally be sharing the start of a new project with y’all! I’ve been in the middle of several projects and wrapping them up, plus the big one that I worked on last week, so I haven’t had much new work starting. However, I’m thrilled to be taking on this new client and getting going on her project!

When I saw the inspiration this client had for her project, I was instantly excited. I knew this would be such a fun project to take on. She was looking for something simple, yet feminine and fun. I love that she enjoys the brushed lettering. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately it seems, but I’m excited to keep working at it!

Can’t wait to share more of this project as it progresses!

P.s. Are you looking for new branding or a new site design? I’m currently booking for projects to start right away as well as in May! Let’s chat if you’re interested!

weekend reading | 04.10.14

weekend reading | grab a cup of tea and check out these posts!

TGIF, my friends! I’m so excited about today! I’m finalizing some fun brush logos for a client, installing a design I’ve been developing for the last two weeks, and tomorrow D and I are celebrating six months of being married. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long, but time has been moving so fast, too! It seems like it was just yesterday that he was leaving for bootcamp. I’m not a hundred percent certain how we’re celebrating just yet, but regardless I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Here are some really amazing posts for you while I’m away this weekend –

It’s no secret that I admire Elise and Scott of Hey Sweet Pea, so I loooved this interview with them about their journey to where they are now and the course they launched late last year.

I thought it was truly amazing to learn that Starbucks is now covering four years of college instead of just two for its employees. I hope more companies take a page from their book.

How great is this (fake) line of ice cream for the variety of PMS needs us ladies face!

I really appreciated this post from Molly about how we’re more – more than just our followers, our portfolio, and the comparison to others that we put on ourselves.

Do you celebrate those who celebrate you on Twitter? Krystle of Organized Creatives shared a short but great post on how you can do just that using Twitter lists!

Hope y’all have an amazing weekend!