our home | 002

our home : 002 | kory woodard

I am so thrilled to share the second little look into our new home today! As I’ve mentioned (over and over again, ha!) we moved in over the past weekend, and we spent the past several days getting things we need to furnish the place. We have most of our furniture (just waiting for our bed and we need to buy a mattress), so the place is coming together quite nicely. It’s a shame that we have to leave this weekend to head back home for the holidays after we just moved in, but we’re excited to spend that time with our families.

So anyway! Let’s get to the second floor shall we? First, though, it’s been such an adjustment having two floors. I’ve only always lived in a one story home, so I’m not used to having to climb the stairs just to grab some socks and put something in the bathroom. I think now that it’s been a few days I’m starting to get used to it; however, I’m thinking my legs are going to be super toned by the time summer rolls around, ha!


First up – the bedroom. When I started thinking about our home, I never thought I would be going for dark furniture. However, once you start looking at things and thinking about buying, having #allwhiteeverything seems a bit bland. I mean, really – I just moved from my parents house where we had gorgeous colors on our walls everywhere, so although I love the white decor look, I know it’s not quite for us. So, we started looking for nice furniture with the height of the bed being most important and color coming second. We found a really great black platform bed with drawers, which is fun, and I can’t wait for it to get here. I’m also excited about this room because although the dark furniture will obviously make the room darker, the room is on the same side of the house as my office, which gets a beautiful soft natural light in the morning (currently).


Next up – the office! Now if you follow me on Instagram, then you saw my post on Monday that we already have my office mostly set up. It was totally on a whim! We went out Friday night looking for an air mattress and stuff for it to sleep with, and we ended up seeing this perfect little white desk that I had to have, so I grabbed it. On Monday morning I ran out and got a chair, and have spent my working hours in the office ever since. I left pretty much everything that I was going to hang or decorate this room with back at home (priorities, people!), so I’m excited to pick that stuff up and make this my perfect little space.

We’re definitely hoping to have everything mostly done by mid January, so you can expect to start seeing a little tour of our home around then.

Check our inspiration: Megan Wynn’s home | Platform Bed
Shay’s Office | Bonnie’s Office

P.s. The floor plan graphic is inspired by the wonderful Ashley of Ashley Ella Design and was created after receiving permission from her first! 

planning for the new year

planning for the new year : both blog + business tips!

Y’all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” right? This year I’m taking that to heart as I’ve been setting goals and plans for the new year. In fact, I’ve already shared my top four goals for 2015 here last week! Although planning and goal setting for so far in advance can be difficult, I truly enjoy doing it. There’s something about thinking of all the possibilities as well as all of my dreams that fire me up!

In last week’s post I shared a valuable tip (create a plan for accomplishing your goals) and a worksheet to help you do just that. Today I want to share some actionable tips on actually coming up with your goals and plans, since that can sometimes be the hardest part!

Look back at the last year To figure out where you want to go, you really want to have a good view of where you’ve just been. Think about it: if you don’t analyze what you’ve been doing, you might spend another year wasting time on something that’s just not working.  So take a look – what are some big things that have happened for you this year? Did you quit your job and start freelancing or blogging full time? Did you launch a blog, product, or service? How did those big things go? How are things currently working for you? Get out some paper and jot this stuff down! Don’t feel like you have to get it all out at once. You can come back to this!

Do you have set plans for the next year? For me, when I was planning my goals for this year back in January, there were two big things I knew were going to happen: I was going to graduate college and I was moving back home shortly after that. Knowing those two things, I was able to create goals based on the time I knew I was going to have. So – I knew I wanted to create a new opt-in offering for my subscribers and do some work with Idea To Launch. I knew I would be pretty busy with school up until May and then busy moving until the end of May, so I set out to accomplish these goals in the second half of the year. Think about what you can be planning around! Do you have a big vacation next year? Are you traveling for an event? Keep those things in mind when setting your goals!

Go beyond blog / business goals Something I think we often forget about when we’re thinking of the big beyond that is a new year is our personal lives. It’s very easy to get caught up in goals solely for our blogs and / or businesses, but it’s important to take a step back and think about what you want to do personally. Are you interested in creating your own office space? Do you want to travel to a new city every quarter with your friends or significant other? Maybe you just want to carve out time for a weekly date with yourself! (Manis and pedis, anyone?!) Whatever it is, don’t let your personal life slide into the background. Doing things for yourself creates more harmony and happiness within you!

So there you have it! Those are just a few tips – I honestly feel like I could go on forever on this topic! Do you have a particular way you go about planning for the new year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

process / synergy wellness

process / synergy wellness | logos by kory woodard

Whew! What a weekend! We’re all moved into our new house! I think we’ve bought everything (except a can opener, ha!) that we need. I’ll talk more about that later this week a bit, but for now – I hate missing days that I usually post so I wanted to share some process logos that I’ve been working on with one of my clients.

This client is a wellness coach, and she contacted me as she was ready to pull together an awesome free ebook for her opt-in incentive as well as give her brand a major overhaul for the new year. I’m so excited that I’ve been able to work with her throughout this process because it’s been a blast, and it’s always fun to bring someone their first real cohesive, branded look!

I haven’t shared the moodboard for this project, but we’re looking at bright colors (especially pink) with a mix of simple, easy to navigate design! She’s got a whole website plus her blog that we’re redoing, so we’ve been spending a lot of time making sure everything flows well and is organized the best way it can be.

We’re almost done with the project, as we’re aiming to get it installed by Friday of this week since that’s my last day of work for the year. Can’t wait to share the final look with y’all!

P.s. If you’re looking to get a new design for your website or brand for 2015, I’m currently booking for January and February! Spots are moving fast, so if you’re ready – let’s chat

weekend reading | 12.12.14

weekend reading | grab a cup of tea and check out these posts!

TGIF, friends! Today I’m on my to South Carolina! I’m going to be pretty much off the web altogether this weekend as D and I spend the weekend unpacking my stuff and starting to get settled in the house. We’ve got loads of little things to buy, but thankfully we’ll both be together which will make things so much easier.

While I’m off running around and spending money, here are some great posts from this weekend for y’all:

Meredith revamped her website this week (it looks amazing), and removed her portfolio page. I can totally see the reasoning behind it, and might actually consider doing it later down the road. Would you ever remove your portfolio pieces from your site?

I don’t like being in front of the camera, but these gorgeous photos that Paige has taken make me want to have her take my picture!

Allyssa has a great post this week on quickly securing your website. If you don’t have anything in place, I recommend following these steps and then checking out what Alison mentioned here a few months ago.

Miranti shared an awesome printable calendar for next year. She even left it blank so that we can use it year after year if we want!

Three fabulous women of Firework People created a workbook of 15 questions to get you in the right place for 2015! I’ve downloaded it myself, and I can’t wait to work through it!

Lastly, Lauren shared why eye-catching blog graphics are important and how to make them! I totally agree that they’re important! I always set aside a few hours to make sure I source appropriate images to use and create the graphics for my posts.

That’s it! When I come back on Monday I’ll be blogging from SC. WEIRD!

Feel free to share your favorite posts in the comments or tweet them to me! I always love finding new blogs through you guys!

launch | by regina

by regina | blog design by kory woodard

I’m so thrilled to finally be sharing with y’all one of the bigger projects that I’ve been working on for the last several weeks. Regina contacted me a while back wanting to get fresh blog design for the new year, but she didn’t want to change her logo. Working with Regina was awesome because she had a great idea of what she wanted, but also gave a fair amount of creative freedom to let the new design come alive.

For the new look we kept a similar style to what she had previously. She knew that she didn’t want to change fonts or styles too much since she has a well established brand already. Similarly, she knew that she wanted to keep her brand colors black, white, and the gorgeous yellow-orange color, with that one just being an accent around the design.

by regina | blog design by kory woodard

The other thing that we paid a lot of attention to with her project was her interior pages with her additional work. If you haven’t heard of Regina or her blog, she’s got a huge catalog of posts for the blogger or small business owner, as well as ebooks and courses that cover things like creating a brand identity and growing your blog through social media. Because she wanted to keep all of these resources easily accessible and organized, we went beyond my standard package to ensure that all of this content was presented in the best way.

P.s. If you’re looking to get a new design for your blog or business, I’m currently booking projects for January and February! Spaces are filling up fast, so get in touch, and lets see what we can do for you!